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Dear John,

thanks for your remarks! Just a few comments now,
details next time I work on it.

> So the user user applies to get editor privs through MoinMoin and some
> person/people can acknowledge the request and get them access?

Not sure, I'll have to find out. Probably people have to ask on
the devel list.

> Is there a way to see the most recent editor on all
> the wiki pages. That may be a good initial list of users to transfer.

Good idea.

> Alternatively if we have last login time, delete all users
> who have not logged in in the past two years?

Also a good idea.

> BTW do you have the info you need to move DNS records for the host
> (and get an SSL cert)?

DNS record: yes (as documented, it's still Richard handling this).
TLS cert is something that I believe Waldmann-EDV will handle once
we go further.

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