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== [ ] select pages to transfer

=== Do not transfer personal "homepages"

We won't transfer homepage, because

there is not much activity in those
pages. And the pages we have are all outdated with one exception.
This it is better to not have them. Most people with homepages 
do not have wiki accounts (anymore).
Ralf is an exception in that he is active in roundup and the page still
is relevant (but he has edited the wiki for a while and he has no account.
And no pages link to his homepage.)
(We may add some information about RichardJones in a history section,
which could be of historical interest.)

If we have plan to re-introduce homepages again, I'd say they should
be only for active people really active over a long period in the wiki
for roundup. The problem with homepages is that they cannot be collectively
maintainted, as they belong to single person.

Thos are all homepages we have in the old wiki:

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