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Bernhard Reiter writes:
>Bernhard Reiter added the comment:
>== [ ] select pages to transfer
>=== Do not transfer personal "homepages"
>We won't transfer homepage, because
>there is not much activity in those
>pages. And the pages we have are all outdated with one exception.
>Ralf is an exception in that he is active in roundup and the page still
>is relevant (but he has edited the wiki for a while and he has no account.
>And no pages link to his homepage.)
>(We may add some information about RichardJones in a history section,
>which could be of historical interest.)

Is there any info there that could be useful? If so maybe an
ArchiveHomePages page with each user as a section and useful info in
the area below? Could also Put Richards page there.

>If we have plan to re-introduce homepages again,

I would claim that we don't need homepages. I think Ralf's data might
be better on a RoundupConsultants page or something like that.

GeorgLehner's links might be better on RoundupInTheField or something
like that.
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