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Hi Bern:

In message <>,
Bernhard Reiter writes:
>== For the stack (not in this issue): Cleanup contents
>Development proposals and patches adding functionality that were
>added to current roundup versions should be removed from the wiki.

Is there value into holding on to this? The proposal pages may
include additional background that is missing from any other location.

>And still working ones tagged with the version they work.

I agree with this, and I think the same can be done with other
proposal pages. If there are too many to tag with version info (who
cares if it was added 30 versions ago), maybe just add a note "this
functionality is in core roundup".

>== [x] list of admins
>We keep the current list which is
>  superuser = [u"JohnRouillard", u"BernhardReiter", u'RichardJones']

Do we want to ask Ralf if he want's access?

>== [x] select pages to transfer
>We have 113 pages now. In addition to msg6608 and not transfering
>homepages, I've cut out a number of spam revisions,
>by deleting the files in `revisions/` and the entries in `edit-log`.
>Sometimes the number in `current` had to be adjusted as well.

This brings up a question. I know we had some bit rot/corruption. At
one point I had to go through the page revisions and add some current
files because the pages were missing, but were linked to.

I think there is a Missing Pages or Pages Needed in moin moin, so
before we toss the bogus tree, maybe check that none of the missing pages
are present just not properly linked.

>Some less relevant history of pages is lost deliberately.


>Removing because I'm not sure we need it and it also is advertisment for bad
>   BadContent
>   LocalBadContent

Aren't these suppose to prevent committing of pages with spam links in
them? I assume we will get a new copy of BadContent, maybe we only need
to move LocalBadContent?

>   TranslationStatus
>   FrontPage
>   CustomisationExamples
>   RoundupPostgres
>   UserMenu
>   MessagesAsMbox
>   GSoC09
>   CreationPermissions
>   FeedingRoundup
>   RoundupAsWiki
>   [and some more]

By butchered do you mean removing less relevelent history/spam? Or do
you mean the content has been managled?
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