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== Consultant pages

As this question is not coupled with the wiki migration,
let us discuss this elsewhere.

== For the stack (not in this issue): Cleanup contents

Same here: We should discuss this elsewhere.
I've just noticed it, that we could need a content cleanup.
However we should keep the history of those pages, so we can do it
after the migration.

== Misc Questions (by John)

| Do we want to ask Ralf if he want's access?

Yes. I'll send him an email and I'll also ask Richard.

| I assume we will get a new copy of BadContent,
| maybe we only need to move LocalBadContent?

It is also my guess that we'll get a new BadContent, however I don't
think this is effective and our LocalBadContent wasn't really very
impressing. I'll ask our hoster about it, ideally they do the worst spam
fighting. Still the major defense now is that edit right are only
for contributors and handed out by the superusers.

| By butchered do you mean removing less relevelent history/spam?
| Or do you mean the content has been managled?

Yes, I've cut less relevant history/spam revisions. 
To get this done at all in a few hours, I was working fast, the history
revision list may have holes and I may have made mistakes. However I
think it is better to have the spam removed. I did not intentionally
mangle content.
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