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Date 2019-11-07.06:53:17
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Copy&Paste of the naming discussion from the -devel list:

* John P. Rouillard <> [20191107 03:13]:
> In message <>,
> Thomas Arendsen Hein writes:
> >"chating_in_new_user" (based on the patch name in the issue, I guess
> >you meant "chatting_on_new_user") needs a better name though.
> >I suggest "chatting_ignore_issue_creator" and inverting the logic,
> >because "chatting_on_issue_creator" might more easily imply that
> >chatting is already set when creating the issue.
> In the patch the variable that enables this feature is called:
>   allow_multiple_initial_emails
> so all initial emails (as determined by issue creator/ message author
> match) will keep the status at unread.

Unless I'm reading the patch wrong it does not check if the new
message is another initial message or is just a regular reply by the
issue creator (after someone else wrote something and changed the
status back to unread)

> Alternate names:
>   chatting_requires_two_people

I really like that, though I'd recommend "users" instead of
"peeople", because users is what Roundup knows about:


>   chatting_status_on_second_user_update

-1 on that

> I really need an entire sentence to make it clear. I am considering
> calling it Fred and just adding:

+1 for Fred ;-)

>    [statusauditor]
>    # Options for
>    #
>    # Assume an issue has a status of unread and was created by the
>    # demo user.
>    # If False, a new message on an issue sets status to chatting.
>    # If True, a new message sets the status to chatting only if the
>    #   author of the new message is not demo. A message sent by demo
>    #   keeps the issue status at unread.
>    fred = False                                        

An alternative could be to include the value in the "sentence",
something like:

# Options for
# Automatically set an issue with the current status "unread" to
# "chatting" if a new message is added.
# Possible settings:
#   never:
#     Disable this feature
#   always:
#     Do this for any message
#   others:
#     Do this only if users other than the initial creator of the
#     issue send a reply
#   assignedto:
#     Do this only if the user who is listed in the assignedto
#     attribute of the issue replies
auto_chatting = {never,always,others,assignedto}
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