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Date 2020-01-14.04:51:17
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Sorry to re-open this one, but I have been looking at upgrading one of our internal systems and am able to confirm this is still an issue.

The steps outlined in msg4512 can still be used to produce the incorrect behaviour when running `roundup-demo`.

I've done a bit more digging into the problem and it seems to be due to the section of code locate at:

The `current` value is being retrieved from a `HTMLProperty`. If an auditor raises  a `ValueError` then the `HTMLProperty` will contain the value of the property that was submitted in the request, not the value of the property as it is in the DB.

My first instinct would be to change the following line (and some surrounded code) from:

    val = self[k]


    val = self._klass.get(self._nodeid, k)

but depending on the property type we probably won't end up with the text we really want (ie. ids instead of names)
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