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Author rouilj
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Date 2020-08-07.12:19:59
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I want to deploy https for the main website:
(aka Ideally the http endpoints will
redirect to https.

The main docs are:

It says it also upgrades php. AFAIK we don't use php so we don't care.

On the admin page ( it references
custom vhost docs with:

   Your virtual hosts (, etc) can be upgraded
   to PHP 7.x if you change the DNS records to point to or for subdomains CNAME
   They will continue to be served over HTTP. Custom VHost

I have checked the VHost docs (
and there is a notice:

  Your VHOST domains will not work with HTTPS.

Hmph. I don't see a way to create a redirect page from the vhost domain to the https
domain since the http and https endpoints are the same directory on disk.

So this may mean we need to use:

as our main url if we want https.

Also I have removed the name from the alias table. The only
two aliases left are and

Quips, comments, evasions, questions or answers?

-- rouilj
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