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Date 2020-09-10.02:00:53
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Redirection to https is in place. So all http url's:,,
redirect to https. Asked sourceforge to close their ticket.

> the links for:
> Home, Docs, Contact, Code
> in the templates for and
> need to change to point to https.

are all relative so they pick up the new https urls. So nothing to do.


needs a new release. The changes I have done to should
make the link right in the new release. Redirection will handle it
for now. Not planning any changes.

changed all http:.*roundup-tracker references to https except docs 
that need it for historic correctness.

freshcode is updated.

Tried updating 
with no luck. Can't figure out how to change the metadata.


Get patched update of website/wiki/wiki/data/plugin/theme/ 
to thomas waldman for installation to fix wiki -> main site links.

Need to install update for issues.
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