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Date 2020-11-13.03:19:50
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The specification command in roundup-admin doesn't show protected 
properties. Also display is missing the protected properties as well.

There should be some way to access actor, creation ....

Either a different command (not really enthused about this)
or add a new command option:

  option show-protected True/False

that when enabled will make all command that deal with protected fields
display them. Since this can be turned on and off it provides a way
to manage the verboseness.

It can probably just toggle the proper option in:


Then this can be passed to
cl.getproperties( replacing any references.

This is also maybe a good way to handle other visbility/options
going forward (e.g. rather than export and exporttable we have:

  option export-files False

to produce the same operation as exporttables.

Also consider implementing a -O flag to roundup-admin to set options
on the command line for easier scripting.
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