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Hi C├ędric:

In message <YEjfVM2KaELBTiP8@kei>,
=?utf-8?q?C=C3=A9dric_Krier?= writes:
>On 2021-03-10 14:51, John Rouillard wrote:
>> Well in Markdown2, it's impossible to get it to match the JS
>> library. So the only alternative as I see it is to make it
>> configurable so that the admin can choose which incompatible features
>> s/he wants.
>> Do you have another alternative?
>Another way could be to let the JS library render also the posted

Also true.   Might be quite resource intensive on the device though.

AFAIK that can already be done without any back end changes though, so
nothing has to be done on this ticket to support that option. Unless
you are proposing we incorporate node into roundup to do the markdown
rendering serverside using the js library.
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