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Sorry for answering so late.

I think your changes are correct as such, but i'm not sure about
back_mysql in total, and i did not do any testing yet. db_create() for
example still contains "CHARACTER SET utf8" for "CREATE DATABASE", and
i'm not sure whether a proper collation definition should also be part
of database creation/configuration.

The problem is, our version of Roundup is a heavily patched 1.4.16 for
which the MySQL-dependent code differs substantially from the upstream
code, so i can't compare their behaviour without some effort. Our
version of the backend has been changed to work around the n+1 problem
for tree-like and other strongly linked data structures that we have
in our tracker, and that is now up with data from 2004 on (about 1.5
Mio messages). The original code (in combination with our page
templates) generates way too much database queries for one web request
- MySQL is not able to handle this load with decent performance.
Therefor we added support for bulk node prefetching with node id lists
anticipated from preceeding query results, among other things.

The reason i was looking into the current docs was to start estimating
whether it would be feasible to migrate and merge our backend changes
to Roundup 2.x - and thus gain Python 3 compatibility. If you'd like
to, i can keep you posted once we decide to upgrade and the merge has
been done.

Best regards - Werner.
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