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Date 2021-03-29.11:54:09
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I've attached a patch series which I think resolves the problems found in the associated issues.

The first patch makes setuptools a hard dependencies for packaging/installing roundup (without the previous fallback to disutils). Using setuptools for python packaging is essentially a defacto standard these days, so I'm hoping adding setuptools as a hard dependency won't be a problem. It also includes documentation on using SOURCES.txt instead of the MANIFEST file.

The second patch fixes the scripts to work with the setuptools develop command (ie. `pip install --editable .`). It is essentially just re-applying a previously reverted commit.

The third patch is just removing code that is no longer needed because of the changes in the second patch.

The patch series is also viewable on my github repo clone:

It might be a good idea if someone familiar with doing a release could do a quick review (particularly that the documentation is correct and the steps work) before the patches are applied.
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