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Date 2021-04-05.16:36:10
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Anatoly asked:

> Why would you like to introduce external dependency on setuptools?

 * Well it is recommended by the packaging guide.

 * It is preferred by pip. Also this should allow
   pip install --editable to work

 * It can be used to make a single file deployable egg package.

 * It also builds wheels for single file deployable package.

There is a small ecosystem of programs that can be used to interact
with a roundup install. To date we have no way to distribute these
separately from the main roundup source install. Eggs and I think
wheels do allow this segmentation.

Most distributions include setuputils as a package. redhat and debian 
make the base of many distributions, but even alpine linux includes 
setuptools. So it's not a difficult requirement to fulfill.

I would like a fallback to distutils, but I am not motivated enough
to do it.

I will post to roundup-users to see if anybody raises any blockers.

Have a great day.

-- rouilj
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