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Date 2021-04-05.21:20:27
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Hi John:

I assume this:

  hg status --rev 1.6.0:tip | sed -ne 's/^A //p' | while read i ; \
   do echo $i; grep "$i" MANIFEST; done | uniq -c

should change to

  hg status --rev 2.0.0:tip| sed -ne 's/^A //p' | while read i ;       
   do echo $i; grep "$i" roundup.egg-info/SOURCES.txt; done | uniq -c

replacing MANIFEST. Also is looks like is still
valid for setuptools. I assume the reference for changing should change from:



Also I was able to use:

    python3 sdist --repository test --sign

successfully. I also did a purse sdist and tested the tarball. All
tests passed.

I also was able to:

    python3 bdist_egg --repository test --sign
    python3 bdist_wheel  --repository test --sign

and it seems to work on

Do you have a reference on how I can test these? Something similar to
(your) step 11 in RELEASE.txt would be good. I don't want egg (ahem)
on my face if I deploy these methods.

Have a great day.

-- rouilj
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