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Date 2021-04-12.01:57:26
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Hello John,

On 6/4/21 7:20 am, John Rouillard wrote:
> I assume this:
>    hg status --rev 1.6.0:tip | sed -ne 's/^A //p' | while read i ; \
>     do echo $i; grep "$i" MANIFEST; done | uniq -c
> should change to
>    hg status --rev 2.0.0:tip| sed -ne 's/^A //p' | while read i ;
>     do echo $i; grep "$i" roundup.egg-info/SOURCES.txt; done | uniq -c
> replacing MANIFEST.

Looks like I missed that reference to the MANIFEST file, so yes your 
suggested change would seem to be correct and needs to be included in 
the patch.

> Also is looks like is still
> valid for setuptools. I assume the reference for changing
> should change from:
> to:
> in
> correct?

It seems the Python2 documentation is the only place that documents what 
should go in the file.

The links seems to be a dead link (even though it 
is referenced in other parts of the documentation).

The Python3 documentation no longer seems to outline the list of 
commands that can be used in the file... and the note at the 
top gives the impression that distutils (and its documentation) is, or 
will be, deprecated in favour of setuptools.

Looking through the setuptools documentation there are a number of 
references to, but again no information about what should be 
in the file.

However it seems that setuptools does provide alternative methods to 
using, see:

My reading of that seem to indicate that we should be using 
`include_package_data=True` so that backwards compatibility with is kept even if we don't use that alternative options.

> Also I was able to use:
>      python3 sdist --repository test --sign
> successfully. I also did a purse sdist and tested the tarball. All
> tests passed.
> I also was able to:
>      python3 bdist_egg --repository test --sign
>      python3 bdist_wheel  --repository test --sign
> and it seems to work on
> Do you have a reference on how I can test these? Something similar to
> (your) step 11 in RELEASE.txt would be good. I don't want egg (ahem)
> on my face if I deploy these methods.

I'm not sure I follow what you want to test. Are you able to elaborate?

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