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On 12/4/21 1:42 pm, John Rouillard wrote:
> John Rouillard added the comment:
> Hi John:
> In message <>,
> John Kristensen writes:
>> Looks like I missed that reference to the MANIFEST file, so yes your
>> suggested change would seem to be correct and needs to be included in
>> the patch.
> Wilco.

I've updated the RELEASE.txt files to correctly refer to 
`roundup.egg-info/SOURCES.txt` in all places where `MANIFEST` was 
previously reference.

>>> Also is looks like is still
>>> valid for setuptools. I assume the reference for changing
>>> should change from:
>>> to:
>>> in
>>> correct?
>> It seems the Python2 documentation is the only place that documents what
>> should go in the file.
>> The links seems to be a dead link (even though it
>> is referenced in other parts of the documentation).
> Eep. I just got the link from the docs, never actually tried it 8-/.

The link has now been fixed, so I've also updated 
the RELEASE.txt to use this link. Though at some point we may want to 
move away from using the file (see below)

>> [...]
>> However it seems that setuptools does provide alternative methods to
>> using, see:
>> My reading of that seem to indicate that we should be using
>> `include_package_data=True` so that backwards compatibility with
>> is kept even if we don't use that alternative options.
> So add `include_package_data=True` at the end of the setup call after:
>   data_files=data_files
> Correct?

I tried running `python sdist` with and without this line added 
and it made no difference to the generated 
`roundup.egg-info/SOURCES.txt` file. So it seems the file is 
used even without this option. I also had a closer look at the 
documentation and noticed this comment:

 > If using the setuptools-specific include_package_data argument, files
 > specified by package_data will not be automatically added to the
 > manifest unless they are listed in the file.

My reading of this seems to indicate that by continuing to use we may end up having to maintaining the list of data files 
in multiple places. It may be better to move away from using the file to managing these data files in the file.

For the time being I've not included the `include_package_data=True` option.

The update commits can be found at
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