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Hi John:

In message <>,
John Kristensen writes:
>On 12/4/21 1:42 pm, John Rouillard wrote:
>>>> [...] I also did a pure sdist and tested the tarball. All
>>>> tests passed.
>> What is the equivalent test mechanism for an egg or wheel to verify
>> that they are properly built and will install correctly.
>> E.G. a dummy example would be:
>>     python --wheel roundup.whl --entry roundup-admin
>> to verify that I can start roundup-admin from the wheel.
>> Roundup isn't just a module to be imported by an application. It is a
>> set of cli applications, so maybe egg/wheel distribution doesn't make
>> sense.
>Would the following commands cover the use-cases for testing the 
>installation from the various file formats:
>     pip install dist/roundup-2.0.0.tar.gz
>     pip install dist/roundup-2.0.0-py3-none-any.whl
>     python -m easy_install dist/roundup-2.0.0-py3.9.egg
>I'm not sure about how to invoke commands from a python archives 
>directly. Are there any specific use-cases where this would be useful? I 
>would assume to do anything useful with roundup it would need to be 

I am not sure. Does distributing wheels and eggs for roundup make any
sense? I thought wheels and eggs were an installation method. However
it looks like using wheels and eggs only make sense for code that
consists only of modules to be imported. If the package has command
line code (e.g. roundup-server, roundup-admin) then distributing
wheels or eggs is worthless.

That being said we do have some client side roundup libraries that are
meant to be used by roundup users writing their own code. E.G. the
xmlrpc client, see:
I could see an equivalent REST library joining it in the future.

Am I interpreting the utility of egg/whl correctly?

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