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Author rouilj
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Date 2021-09-01.02:26:08
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I am implementing basic charting for my tracker. It uses the results of
an index page and plots a pie graph by the first group parameter.
The description is at:

At one point I call:

   issues = cl.filter(matches, filterspec, sort = [('+', 'id')],
                      group = group)

If my index is displaying all items in the tracker, the filterspec is
None.  I then get the following traceback:

 roundup/ in _proptree(self=<hyperdb.Class "issue">,
        filterspec=None, exact_match_spec={}, sortattr=[('+',
        'priority'), ('+', 'id')], retr=0)

 1573         proptree = Proptree(self.db, self, '', self.getprops(), retr=retr)
 1574         for exact, spec in enumerate((filterspec, exact_match_spec)):
 1575             for key, v in spec.items():
      key = undefined, v = undefined, spec = None, global items = undefined
 1576                 keys = key.split('.')
 1577                 p = proptree

my claim is that a None filter should create a non-filtering proptree
that will return all issues when evaluated. But I am not sure if that
is valid later in the code.

Also I am using the sqlite backend.

I can work around this by setting the filterspec passed to cl.filter
to something that will evaluate to true for every issue. But I don't
know if there is such a filter.

The other alternative is to evaulate filterspec and if None call
something other than cl.filter, maybe cl.getnodeids() but that seems
to be a bandaid over the underlying problem.

Ralf you know this code better than I do, any thoughts on how to fix
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