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Ralf Schlatterbeck writes:
>On Wed, Sep 01, 2021 at 02:26:09AM +0000, John Rouillard wrote:
>> If my index is displaying all items in the tracker, the filterspec is
>> None.  I then get the following traceback:
>How about setting the filterspec to {}
>That's what I usually use in such a case.

Ah nice. Should we change

  def  filter(...,filterspec=None,....):

to add:

      if filterspec == None:
         filterspec = {}

at the beginning of the function?

(For those reading, filter(...,filterspec={},,,,) is not a good idea
because the {} object is persistent. So any change the method does to
filterspec will be used on the next call to filter(). Same with [].
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