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Date 2021-09-06.20:09:58
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Fixed some ResourceWarnings in changeset:   6479:808f7a8ed2b6

More have been fixed in other changesets.

Still need to get a clean -W error run, but some are really obscure.

Added a number of ignores. Current list is:

markdown uses onld interface to dict
    -W "ignore:SelectableGroups:DeprecationWarning"

gpgme uses imp and shouldn't
    -W "ignore:the imp module:DeprecationWarning:gpg.gpgme:15"

docutils uses 'U' mode
    -W "ignore:'U'"

roundup.demo leaves socket open when it is shut down.
    -W "ignore:unclosed:ResourceWarning:roundup.roundup.demo"

Odd unclosed file from enum module.
    -W "ignore:unclosed file:ResourceWarning:enum"
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