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Date 2021-11-06.17:18:17
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Issue 2551163 added support for docker containerization. If you built
using the 2.1.0 from pypi, the wheel that is built buries the tracker templates,
man pages etc. under the site-packages/usr/local/share/.... Where it is not found by roundup.

I have a workaround for the Dockerfile case (copy the tree to the right place), but should not be creating it this way in the first place. make_data_files_absolute
or other changes in when using setuptools needs to be modified to fix this. needs to work on non-containerized environments as well, so modifying the search
list to look under site-packages/usr/.../share/... isn't a good solution.

Note that putting things outside the site-packages tree can cause a conflict for
2 or more roundup deployments in virtualenv's or local hardware. The external
directory tree will be modified by both.
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