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Date 2022-01-28.21:59:35
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Reindexing the database can take a while. It can require taking
the tracker offline.

Provide some way to incrementally reindex classes/items in the database. Consider
allowing the roundup-admin reindex command to take a class name and  range of numbers.

roundup-admin> reindex issues 1-10000
roundup-admin> reindex msgs 1-10000
roundup-admin> reindex files 1-10000

will reindex the fields in the first 10000 issues, the content in the first 10000 messages
and the same for files. These can be run overnight or during a long weekend. By limiting
the size, the reindexing can be scheduled in windows rather than starting it and
letting it run as long as it has to run.


Should there be a way to eliminate classes from reindex?

  "reindex" reindexes everything, but if I need to do incremental reindexing,
  I would never use reindex (as it would index the classes I want to incremental index
  as well). So I either need to scour the schema and identify every class in the full
  text index and increment every class using "reindex class" or "reindex class 1-<index
  of last element in class>". Can reindex accept a list of classes to skip indexing:

     reindex -files -msgs -issues

  to reindex all classes except these three. Then these three will be incrementally indexed.

Should it be possible to index using a different indexer from the one in config.ini?

   One use case for reindexing is to change the indexer. It would be good to keep
   the current indexing active while building/loading the new indexer.

   Setting indexing backend (and options like stoplist, indexer_language) could be
   another use for an options/pragma setting in roundup-admin see issue2551103.
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