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Date 2022-04-28.08:05:30
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Hi Marcus, thanks for the patch!

On Wed, Apr 27, 2022 at 03:50:43PM +0000, Marcus Priesch wrote:
> so here is what i have done:

[... i18n changes]

> in wsgi_handler i removed the preload stuff and keep the tracker
> instance over the requests - only the db gets opened again on every
> request, templates and detectors only get computed once - as they cant
> change during running.

.pot file creation:
> i have added a module "" which i am using in other projects
> too which can extract msgid's from python code.
> i have documented this a littte bit ;)
> i extended to use this module and to generate one
> messages.pot file with both template strings and detector/extension strings.

> this however depends on to merge the two
> sources which i am not sure if you a) want a dependency in roundup, as i
> have not seen any deps in or b) i have not found the correct
> place to add it ... or c) just to document that it is a dependency if
> you want to hack on your own tracker ...

I'd like to keep the Preload and .pot-creation changes separate (as
separate commits) from the i18n changes. The preload changes have high
potential for breakage, I remember to do changes in that part to make my
reverse multilink feature work (which relies on a callback that never
came under certain circumstances). Also not preloading the detectors and
the actions is nice for debugging but I'm all in favour of making the
code simpler in that area at the cost of having to restart services when

Also note that the .pot-creation changes probably fixes a longstanding
problem that for creating the .pot files an outdated unmaintained
package 'xpot' is currently used, see locale/GNUmakefile, the package is
hard to build (I only succeeded in building the xpot binary, not the
rest of the package) and is written in C (for parsing python)

I'll keep you posted...

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