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Date 2022-05-04.15:22:46
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Hi Marcus:

> the default in config.ini is to not translate rest and xmlrpc - so
> we need to change that before the test.

Correct. If you look at test/ you can see code like:

   self.db.config['WEB_JWT_SECRET'] = secret

self.db.config['...'] is the config object used by the test. So in
this case we would set:

   self.db.config['WEB_TRANSLATE_REST"] = 'yes'
   self.db.config['WEB_TRANSLATE_XMLRPC'] = 'yes'
before calling the code that does the request. This can be changed on
the fly in tests not using the live server ( I
usually store the original value, change it and restore at the end of
the test. In most cases, each test generates a fresh db.config but I
have been bit by my config changes leaking into other tests.

I think the translation for rest can be verified using a test in by setting the right config option and setting the
proper headers in self.headers in

(For the live server we have to shut down and start the server with
the new config which can probably be done but.... Probably better to
have multiple files that set the parameters we want in
SimpleTest::setup_class and just use the server for all the tests.)

> ? or can this be done at a later stage
> ... sorry, i am not that deep in the testing stuff.

It can be done at the test level, not setup. I am not great at the
testing stuff either.  However we just reached 75% code coverage and I
don't want to slide back 8-).

> for mailgw i dont know if we would need to setup a detector that
> creates some i18n'd message ? or should it also send translated
> issue status ?

That's a good question. I looked for _( in to see what
strings are marked to be translated. It looks like:

  Emails to Roundup trackers must include a Subject: line!

is one such string. Sadly de.po doesn't have a transation for that
string 8-(. So I guess:

 1) translate that string for german and generate a .mo from
 2) craft a test case from existing tests n that
    is missing the Subject. Verify the error shows up in the result
    using self._get_mail().
 3) set self.db.config['MAILGW_LANGUAGE'] = 'de' and verify new
    translation shows up.

that should provide basic coverage.

For extra credit:

  test with self.db.config['MAILGW_LANGUAGE'] = "" and
    self.db.config['TRACKER_LANGUAGE'] = 'de'
(IIRC you fixed the code for this test to work right. Thanks.)
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