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Hi Toni:

In message <>,
Toni Mueller writes:
>I'm on Debian 11.3 amd64, with Python 3.9.2 and virtualenv created by
>'mkvirtualenv' (I use virtualenvwrapper). I use the standard path for
>virtualenvs, which is $HOME/.virtualenvs, and after my modification,
> the templates are now at
>$HOME/.virtualenvs/roundup/lib/python3.9/site-packages/roundup/share/roundup/templates/classic/TEMPLATE-INFO.txt, and for the other templates respectively.

Thanks for the info. To support this layout, you would need to make
the code modification you posted.

It is not one that we recommend/support as putting the shared files
isn't something that is supported. We use whatever setuputils uses for
the installation. We used to use distutils and that had more
flexibility in where we put shared resources. But Distutils is
depricated (PEP 636) so....

>After creating the stuff you suggested, I end up with a virtualenv
>that looks like this, after installing roundup from mercurial:

> $HOME/.virtualenv/roundup-test/lib/python3.9/site-packages$HOME/.virtualenvs/roundup-test/share/{locale,man,roundup/templates},
>and under the 'templates' dir, I find the actual templates. At this
>point, roundup-admin does find the templates, but this directory
>structure does not look nice at all, at least not to my taste.

I agree its ugly and unwanted. However that structure is controlled by
setuputils with wheel installs and we have very few controls to change
it. See:

for more info.

Do you agree this issue can be closed?
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