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Date 2022-06-18.03:43:32
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There is no good way for a user to specify the order of their queries in the sidebar.

Currently a user's queries are a multilink on the user item to the query item.
Multilinks don't preserve order so setting the multilink to [3,1] is the same as [1,3].
So I can't control the display order by setting the multilink as it seems to get normalized.

Even if multilinks preserved order, queries are sorted by name as the default sort field.
I can name my own queries:

   01. my reports
   02. my working order

etc. and have them sorted correctly by 01, 02, .... But imported public queries
are named by the person who created them. So a public query named Dashboard
would sort after all of my numbered queries and I have no way to put it third
in the list since I can't set its name just for me.

Not sure what the solution is. Maybe a query order string property in the User object
and a way to use that ordered list to influence the display order?

The template code to display the query order loops over:


so it could call utils.OrderedQueries(request.user) which returns an array of
queries ordered in the user's desired order.
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