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Date 2022-08-04.22:05:37
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Sessiondb implemented with redis for anydbm and sqlite primary databases in:

changeset:   6814:3f60a71b0812

Test by running 300 gets in parallel 20 at a time (on 4 core system) against the
rest endpoint /rest/data/issue/4 and watching what the remaining rate limit number is
from the header X-RateLimit-Remaining.

I started with rate limit of 360 with one hit being restored every 10 seconds.

With 300 requests, it take 30 seconds to complete on my small system. I expected
my last count of hits to be 63 (360 - 300 + 30/10), and it was. 0 dropped items.
This is best case, I have seen 1-2 drops in some test cases for .6% loss rate.

sqlite 45 seconds to complete, target 64, last count 107 -> 43 dropped, 14% rate.

anydbm 51 seconds to complete, target 65, last count 67, 2 dropped, 1% rate.

I am not happy about the drops for sqlite or anydbm under high transaction rates.
Makes me wonder what is happening there. But at least we have something that
can address high tx rates.

TODO: cache rdbms/anydbm lookups.
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