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On Wed, Dec 21, 2022 at 08:01:46PM +0000, John Rouillard wrote:
> I would expect the prio to be the same but not the name. Could this be
> a string vs bytestring issue on the name? Are any of the names in
> German?

No, the names are function names in python, they're plain ascii.
And I've checked, I don't have any duplicate names.

> Agreed. I wonder if this may be an issue in other places we use
> Priolist. Can you dump the list it is sorting as well so we have a
> clue where the first two elements of the tuple are identical.

I think the PrioList is currently only used for auditors/reactors.
I think I implemented this a decade or two ago :-)
And, yes, I've dumped the list here and found no duplicates. But then I
also could not reproduce the error so far.

> >What I find very confusing is that this should happen everytime when
> >sorting the detectors. It doesn't.
> To make this happen the name also has to compare the same right? So I
> would not expect it to happen. Any idea how the name is ending up the
> same? Maybe something is being doubly added under certain
> circumstances?

Yes, the name would have to be the same, too. And I've checked, I do not
have any reactors/auditors with duplicate names. So my current
hypothesis is, too, that we get some duplication in some circumstances.

> I seem to recall some changes to python internals regarding iteration
> orders for dicts, but it shouldn't affect tuples (i.e. the function
> gets sorted before the prio/name).

Yes, and in our case we explicitly sort the list. So iteration order
should be the same in every invocation.

I've rolled out my change yesterday evening so I think I will not see
the error anymore. But I'll try to find out if we get duplication

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