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Date 2023-03-31.02:11:17
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Hi Heiko,

You said:

> In our tracker that has hundreds of users, this leads to a large number of
> useless issues that must be sorted out at great expense.

In addition to the change I made to make designator parsing more forgiving, it sounds
like your tracker could use a better way of handling misplaced updates/issues.
Reducing the work to merge them into the main issue.

A method to do so is discussed at
In theory, you would find the misplaced issue, enter the number of the (target) issue
that was supposed to be updated and click merge.

This would retire the misplaced issue and move the messages into the correct issue.
You could even have it automatically send an email to the person who created the
misplaced issue. This email could tell them how to properly reply to the issue.

The wiki implementation is a bit dated, but there are updates at the end of it
describing how to make it work with 1.x Roundup that looks like it should work for
2.x as well.

I would be happy to work with you to update the wiki page and get a working recipe
that could be implemented. If it works well enough we can merge it into the distributed
templates. If you are interested, open a new ticket and we can work on it.
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