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Hi Gabor:

In message <>,
Nagy Gabor writes:
>I think these utf8mb4 collations etc. should be read from config.ini.
>The simplest way is to add config.ini options like
>mysql_bin_collation = utf8mb4_bin
>etc., or compute implicitly these from the value of mysql_charset.

Agreed. I mentioned checking the email thread for specific collation
settings as well as the existing charset setting.

>In addition, in Roundup 2.4.0 documentation, mysql users should be
>advised to convert their utf8mb3 tables to utf8mb4 and modify
>config.ini accordingly. (In my opinion, mysql should provide a clean
>documentation and a script or mysql command for doing the
>utfbm3->utf8mb4 conversion...)

Agreed. This could be:

 1 an automatic migration similar to other schema upgrades run using
   the roundup-admin migrate command

 2 a separate roundup-admin comand to run SQL without having to
   install/resort to using the mysql(1) command.

I am leaning toward the second option because this isn't a schema
migration as much as an underlying change in the encoding of the same
schema. But I haven't given it a lot of thought.
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