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Title: Wish: E-mail administering option
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Created on 2008-04-19 11:41 by anonymous, last changed 2012-01-05 20:35 by schlatterbeck.

msg3491 Author: [hidden] (anonymous) Date: 2008-04-19 11:41

My team have people inside and outside a firewalled NAT that only allow us mail contact :/
RoundUp seems great for inside NAT and people outside NAT  can send and receive mails about issues, set priority and nosy but no more. We need the other options from outside.

My idea for enabling the rest of options is send orders to the command line tool by mail (one line one order).

I know this is highly insecure when attack via mail identity thief. To avoid this I think a digital signature its enough (gpg/py-gnupg perhaps)(And advance a step to receive encripted mail may be a bonus :)

msg4478 Author: [hidden] (schlatterbeck) Date: 2012-01-05 20:34
duplicate of issue556996
msg4479 Author: [hidden] (schlatterbeck) Date: 2012-01-05 20:35
see also issue1946564 which mentions some security aspects.
Security could -- now that pgp support exists -- be solved by requiring
authenticated (pgp) email for certain actions or users.
On the other hand we now have XMLRPC so remote management can be solved
by other means.
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