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2550758 68 months ago Skip NODEFAULT web address in email signature new
2550740 55 months ago Can't post message because of email encoding error new
2550747 49 months ago Feature request - Send mail using external program new
2550887 30 months ago Small fix to date format() function new
2550852 20 months ago patch for creating trackers within Postgresql schema new
2550721 18 months ago Support for memcached new
2550677 17 months ago Interception of Class/FileClass methods new
2550523 17 months ago Add OpenID authentication, perhaps others? new
2550539 17 months ago Installation error: ImportError: Cannot load MySQL client libraries. new
2550722 17 months ago Templating error from selecting "no selection" on multilink new
2550913 17 months ago Allow selecting/bookmarking of sets of issues new
2550833 17 months ago Enhancing the functionality of the CSV export function 'export_csv_names' new
2550788 17 months ago Does not support non-ascii chars for All text search (with Xapian) new
2550917 17 months ago Add a: "Welcome user, you have logged in" ok_message on login. new
2550888 16 months ago Make classname translatable new
2550926 14 months ago Original author adding a second message shouldn't set status to 'chatting' new
2550930 13 months ago add support for local_replace to classic template new
2550837 8 months ago New option for web auth (also http header passing) new
2550951 3 months ago __redirect_to is restricted to absolute url only (Attn Bern, Ralf) new
2550709 1 month ago Classic template binary search "(edit)" or "(expr)" link vanishes once an expression was entered new
2550536 1 month ago Audit file/message linking/unlinking new
2550771 22 months ago Allow to find substring matches for all text search new
2550871 18 months ago Extending translation ability (for date at least) new
2550750 18 months ago Handling of socket timeouts new
2550919 17 months ago Anti-bot signup using 4 second delay new
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