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ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
1876221 68 months ago Provide next/prev links open loewis richard
772846 101 months ago Email Template open dotpuppy  
678900 109 months ago Ability to specify non-matching criteria in filters/searches open anonymous richard
1155657 109 months ago Full text "AND" search has message scope, not issue scope open cknittel richard
1169513 158 months ago History breaks when props are inaccessible open richard richard
1113861 159 months ago selinux errors on python operations open chrismacgregor richard
691438 182 months ago Date format localization idea and some code open rouilj richard
691975 183 months ago hyperlinking issue and other hyperdb references in email open rouilj richard
2550956 1 month ago test case of serve_static_files new antmail  
2550927 17 months ago Prevent reopening of issues after some time period has passed. new rouilj  
1163804 19 months ago missing python exe path in scripts open hfoffani richard
2550815 20 months ago roundup-admin import for postgres causes id to be skipped new tekberg  
1195739 21 months ago search in russian does not work open anonymous  
729889 179 months ago *dbm backends don't lock (only) on commit open richard  
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