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2550887 37 months ago Small fix to date format() function new antmail
2550885 38 months ago Documentation: update the roundup-mailgw manpage (check other manpages as well) new ber
2550879 40 months ago Cleanup/removal of roundup.anypy.email_ module new jerrykan
2550825 41 months ago No i18n translation in (at least) pending antmail
2550747 56 months ago Feature request - Send mail using external program new jherazo-beverly
2550702 58 months ago The default search should not crawl on users new lu_zero
2550790 58 months ago Select menu generation in search template is slower than in item template new
2550740 62 months ago Can't post message because of email encoding error new tbsmark86
2550540 62 months ago Incorrect mail encoding coversion open yasusii
2550798 63 months ago Consolidate API for extensibility new stefan
2550754 67 months ago Add support for s/mime signed emails new rouilj
2550681 70 months ago Atom feeds for issue changes new techtonik
2550758 75 months ago Skip NODEFAULT web address in email signature new wking
2550705 85 months ago test requires "CREATE" privilege on Pg new tonimueller
2550674 94 months ago pop-up descriptions of field names new hemmecke
2550571 107 months ago can we have a target version? new tonimueller
2550580 108 months ago Missing support for radio buttons in new ThomasAH
2550511 114 months ago Use pygments for syntax highlighting new lu_zero
2550949 10 months ago Rate limit password guesses/login attempts new rouilj
2550925 24 months ago Is roundup affected by faked HTTP_PROXY cgi setting? new rouilj
2550912 24 months ago Jinja2 template needs fixing of value for __came_from new rouilj
2550966 5 days ago Fix suboptimal links in doc pages new rouilj
2550964 1 week ago History can (temporarily) show incorrect value when a change is rejected new rouilj
2550960 2 weeks ago Python 3 preparation patches new joseph_myers
2550962 3 weeks ago Check uses of assert in roundup code. new rouilj
2550961 3 weeks ago required attribute incorrectly shown when using field() new rouilj
2550856 2 months ago Allow use of reStructured text (or maybe markdown or Creole) in messages new rouilj
2550944 14 months ago Adjust log levels to have INFO log interesting regular events new ber
2550920 15 months ago Registration with confirmation detects duplcate name when using validation new rouilj
2550936 16 months ago email gateway discards changes to messages and files (done with subject tag) if there is a message body open rouilj
2550921 16 months ago Can create login name with , in it. Confuses nosy list editing. Also can embed html tags. new rouilj
2550923 24 months ago Create new Computed property type new rouilj
2550922 24 months ago make mail addressed to update issue 25. new rouilj
2550698 24 months ago Document the logical expression search a bit new ber
2550897 24 months ago Add config option to set whitelist for acceptable mime types. - A better solution for serving html attachments new ber
2550656 24 months ago with more than 50 items, the simple classhelp javascript windows do not allow to select from all items (affects keywords, superceder) new tonimueller
2550919 24 months ago Anti-bot signup using 4 second delay new rouilj
2550559 24 months ago Pretty printing / formatting for Number types. new ber
2550916 24 months ago quiet properties enhancement for issue1714899 new rouilj
2550915 24 months ago Recall queries that were public but are now private new rouilj
1539081 24 months ago little template api for required fields open tobias-herp
925676 25 months ago Named quieries for shorter URL's open myers_carpenter
1296429 25 months ago classhelp should check permissions open schlatterbeck
1292178 25 months ago Attachment not sent w/ Nosy email open diana_chen23
1238984 25 months ago Full text search in CJK does not work open anonymous
2550871 25 months ago Extending translation ability (for date at least) new antmail
2550771 29 months ago Allow to find substring matches for all text search new ber
2550858 43 months ago Month intervals at the end of long months yield the wrong day new ThomasAH
2550804 64 months ago Better search list display new rouilj
772846 105 months ago Email Template open dotpuppy
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