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Issue 2550997

Title: responsive template with dated config.ini
Type: crash Severity: normal
Components: Web interface Versions: devel, 1.6
Status: fixed Resolution: fixed
Dependencies: Superseder: Jinja2 template install error
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Assigned To: rouilj Nosy List: austin, rouilj
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Created on 2018-09-02 16:51 by austin, last changed 2019-06-02 02:54 by rouilj.

msg6224 Author: [hidden] (austin) Date: 2018-09-02 16:51
I try to use responsive template during tracker creating.
however, the config.ini generated was outdated(2006), and many features are 
mssing in the generated config.ini.

If I choose classic template, I get the normal config.ini.

Not sure it's a bug or not.

[austin@support resp]$ roundup-admin install
Enter tracker home: /opt/roundup/resp2
Templates:: classic, devel, jinja2, responsive, responsive-ticket-resp, minimal
Select template [classic]: responsive
Back ends:: anydbm, sqlite
Select backend [anydbm]:

 You should now edit the tracker configuration file:

 If you wish to modify the database schema,
 you should also edit the schema file:
 You may also change the database initialisation file:
 ... see the documentation on customizing for more information.

 You MUST run the "roundup-admin initialise" command once you've performed
 the above steps.

[austin@support resp]$ cd..
-bash: cd..: command not found
[austin@support resp]$ cd ..
[austin@support roundup]$ ls
resp  resp2  test  ticket  ticket_backup
[austin@support roundup]$ cd resp2
[austin@support resp2]$ ls
TEMPLATE-INFO.txt  config.ini  detectors  extensions  html  static
[austin@support resp2]$ more config.ini
# Roundup issue tracker configuration file
# Autogenerated at Fri Nov 17 16:59:49 2006

# WARNING! Following options need adjustments:
#  [mail]: domain, host
#  [tracker]: web
msg6229 Author: [hidden] (rouilj) Date: 2018-09-02 22:38
In message <>,
austin writes:
>I try to use responsive template during tracker creating.
>however, the config.ini generated was outdated(2006), and many features are 
>mssing in the generated config.ini.
>If I choose classic template, I get the normal config.ini.
>Not sure it's a bug or not.

Yeah I think it is a bug. The classic and minimal templates don't have
a config.ini. There is an email chain on roundup-users that addresses

I was expecting roundup-admin install would overwrite any config.ini
installed as part of the config. If that's not the case, we should
remove config.ini from all template directories. AFAIK there is
nothing in config.ini that is dependent on the template.
msg6234 Author: [hidden] (austin) Date: 2018-09-03 02:59
Hi John,

I see. Thanks for clarification.

You meant the outdated config.ini in the extension directory overwrite the generated 
So we shouldnt keep that.

msg6235 Author: [hidden] (austin) Date: 2018-09-03 03:41
Checking the source code, init.install is checking if there is a config.ini before 
generating the Config.

So we should not include the config.ini file in the template unless intentionally.
msg6501 Author: [hidden] (rouilj) Date: 2019-06-02 02:54
issue2551029 is the same problem. config.ini removed from templates.
This was fixed by the changes to fix that. Closing.
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