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Author austin
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Date 2018-09-02.16:51:48
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I try to use responsive template during tracker creating.
however, the config.ini generated was outdated(2006), and many features are 
mssing in the generated config.ini.

If I choose classic template, I get the normal config.ini.

Not sure it's a bug or not.

[austin@support resp]$ roundup-admin install
Enter tracker home: /opt/roundup/resp2
Templates:: classic, devel, jinja2, responsive, responsive-ticket-resp, minimal
Select template [classic]: responsive
Back ends:: anydbm, sqlite
Select backend [anydbm]:

 You should now edit the tracker configuration file:

 If you wish to modify the database schema,
 you should also edit the schema file:
 You may also change the database initialisation file:
 ... see the documentation on customizing for more information.

 You MUST run the "roundup-admin initialise" command once you've performed
 the above steps.

[austin@support resp]$ cd..
-bash: cd..: command not found
[austin@support resp]$ cd ..
[austin@support roundup]$ ls
resp  resp2  test  ticket  ticket_backup
[austin@support roundup]$ cd resp2
[austin@support resp2]$ ls
TEMPLATE-INFO.txt  config.ini  detectors  extensions  html  static
[austin@support resp2]$ more config.ini
# Roundup issue tracker configuration file
# Autogenerated at Fri Nov 17 16:59:49 2006

# WARNING! Following options need adjustments:
#  [mail]: domain, host
#  [tracker]: web
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