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Author tobias-herp
Date 2006-08-12.00:58:53
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We're talking about Windows...

Like I stated before, the Python interpreter is normally NOT
found along the PATH there. The Python installer simply
doesn't do this! (most programs are never called from the
command line) On my system (standard python 2.4.2 from I can call the interpreter through the PATH only
because I created a python.bat in my tools directory,
calling "C:\Programme\Python\Python24\python.exe %*".

The PATH entry isn't normally needed for scripting languages
on Windows; same for the Rexx interpreter which is still
present on my desktop computer. Windows recognises the
extension and calls the appropriate program. Trying to call
the interpreter explicitly DOESN'T WORK.

The newlines should be fixed for the Windows installer
distribution; I'm sure there is a program which can do the
work. I noticed that notepad.exe still doesn't like Unix
line endings; and an Issue tracker which claims to be easy
to use should take care to not scare off unexperienced users.

I couldn't find .bat nor .cmd files in the CVS tree;
otherwise I would have provided a patch.
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