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Date 2015-07-05.23:39:16
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Anthony said:

> Without this patch you can only translate a message:
> issue 25 создана
> with this patch you can add
> msgid issue
> msgstr ошибка
> to locale file and then get
> ошибка 25 создана

Ah ok, now I understand the scope. So the second part of my question
(the non URL change part) from msg5334 still stands:

> What does this do to embedded references to issues?  ...

will issue25 entered into the message and then displayed as the translated:

  'ошибка 25'

still be shown show as a link to issue 25 with this patch?
I assume so, but it depends on where the translation occurs in the
processing pipeline.

What happens if the user in the russian locale types in:


will this be shown as a link in russian? Will this be shown as a
link in other locales (e.g. english which should translate it back
to issue 25).

If the links show up in all cases above, I think we can go forward
and add any tests we need and get this merged.

If it doesn't create the links in all cases the patch needs to be
reworked so that the link is created.
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