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Date 2016-04-19.05:07:40
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Hello Ivan,

In the config.ini of a Roundup tracker instance you have a section
called "[nosy]".  This section contains (beside others) the following
global configuration option:

# Send nosy messages to the author of the message.
# Allowed values: yes, no, new, nosy -- if yes, messages
# are sent to the author even if not on the nosy list, same
# for new (but only for new messages). When set to nosy,
# the nosy list controls sending messages to the author.
# Default: no
messages_to_author = no

If I understood your message msg5533 correctly then you are speaking
about a tracker instance where this option has been configured as "yes"
and you want a personal per user option to turn this behaviour off
again?  Is this right?

Best regards, Peter Funk.
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