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Date 2016-07-04.16:10:07
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Issue1714899 added a quiet property to all of the roundup property
classes (String Number, Date ....). However it is an all or none

Setting the quiet property:

   * does not list the property change in the confirmation
     banner (shown in green) when a change is made
   * removes the property from the property change section
     of change note emails (nosy emails)
   * removes the display of the property change from the 
     web history display for an item.

I have a String() type field called notepad. It is usually used
as a place to put checklist items or other info that gets changed
along with a ticket update. The notepad can be long, and sending it
via email is just clutter. But I do want to see confirmation and
also see it on the history list so I can track changes if needed.

I propose making the quiet property accept a boolean value or an
array of elements. So


would have the same effect as quiet=['confirm', 'email', 'history' ].
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