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Hi Paul:

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Paul Schreiber writes:
>As you require the creation of a username separate from the email
>address, which is different from most other websites, it follows
>that users will attempt to log in with their email address.

Ok fair enough. Also I believe that you can use your email address as
your login name (or change your login name to one of your email

However if you do so, you will probably be exposing your email in the
web interface where the username usually shows up. I don't think we
obscure email addresses in that position.

Also I assume you mean only the primary email address (which is used
to send email to the user) and not any additional addresses (which are
used to receive emails and map them to the user).

>This would be a easy fix ( where USERNAME = <blah> OR
>EMAIL_ADDRESS = <blah>), a usability improvement, and
>a reduction in support time/costs.

This would go in the core login code and would need to be controllable
by the tracker admin. I would be in favor of having a patch that
implemented this included in the core code.
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