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Hi Tom:

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Tom Ekberg writes:
>New submission from Tom Ekberg:
> [...]
>In docs/installation.txt, section 'Configure a Web Interface' mod_python
>is listed [...]
>which has a link to this page:
>The first 2 lines in the body of the second link's page are:
>Thursday, June 17, 2010
>The mod_python project is now officially dead.
>The first link says that mod_python has "multiple security, performance and 
>stability issues". The module mod_wsgi is the recommended alternative.
>Since mod_python was declared dead in June 2010, and has problems
>with security, performance and stability, should it be listed as an
>alternative web interfaces in roundup's doc/installation.txt?

Yeah we should probably remove it, or at least list it last and
suggest mod_wsgi as an alternative.

Were you able to successfully deploy roundup under mod_wsgi using the
installation instructions?

If not, do you have updates to the doc with something that works?

It looks like there may be a few variations of issues with the wsgi
setup/docs. From a 1.4 setup issues were discussed at:


suggest dropping

    httpd = make_server('', 8917, app)

at the end of the doc example. I don't have a setup here to test with
and I am not familiar with wsgi so ...

Have a great day.
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