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Date 2018-10-10.01:35:24
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If mod_python is obsolete (cf. issue 2550821 reporting a Roundup patch 
needed to work with current mod_python, as of 2013), that definitely 
indicates that testing with mod_python and Python 3 (cf. issue 2550973) 
should not be needed before making a release with Python 3 support.

(Personally I think we should be moving towards a release with the current 
state of the Python 3 support, suitably marked experimental, simply 
because we're not likely to get much more testing of that support without 
a release.  Although I expect more issues are still present, I'm gradually 
writing automated tests for my own instance code to prepare to move to 
Python 3 in my production use, and whereas when I started writing such 
tests I was routinely finding Python 3 issues in Roundup, I'm no longer 
finding such issues routinely when I add tests.)
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