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* John Rouillard <> [20191103 02:04]:
> If this was to work for email (and API interfaces), would you expect
> to see the default value in an auditor or just in a detector?

By default both, email/api and web interface, should behave the
same, otherwise it would be too magical.

> My thought is:
>   in web interface the user can see the default value and choose
>     something different. So in the auditor we can see that the user
>     chose the default value.
>   in email or api/rest interfaces the user can't see the default
>     so the auditor doesn't see the default value either.

In some use cases (the user SHOULD do something) this might be
valid, in others (the user MUST do something) not.

If the author of an auditor script wants to relax the checks for
e.g. email, they could use db.tx_Source to make the script behave
differently, see "Restricting updates that arrive by email" in
customizing.txt for the opposite use case.

P.S.: It is auditor vs. reactor, both are detectors :)
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