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Author rouilj
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Date 2021-01-03.18:06:46
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Hi Mathias,

I am having no luck seeing this bug.

Do you have or can you generate an email that I can test with
that will cause the failure.

I have been testing in the current head release, but you can test
with an unpacked distribution tarball without your patch applied (pip download 
-d . roundup). Or you can get the current tip from

Untar/unzip and in the top level directory:

  Run python3 with any backend database (sqlite is probably
  best as I assume you are running an rdbms in production).

This will set up the demo test directory. Then you should be able to test 

    python3 roundup/scripts/ demo mailbox tracker.test.mbox

where tracker.test.mbox is an mbox formatted file with one message in it. You 
can create an mbox formatted file by saving a raw email
to the file then edit it and add:

  From user@domain Mon Sep 09 01:56:35 2020

at the top of the file where user@domain matches the email address
in the From: email header. I recommend using the mailbox as it allows
using the debugger by adding '-m pdb'.

I could see one of the following differences causing my failure to

  python version:  can you supply the version (pythonX -V) that you
                   are using for roundup?
  locale settings: Are you using a German locale?

I have applied other patches where I have been unable to reproduce
the issue, but they didn't break the regression tests. So I won't
apply your patch, but I would like to find out what is going wrong
for you.

Have a great 2021.

-- rouilj
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