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Date 2021-04-05.19:27:32
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* John Rouillard: " [issue2551106] Additional line breaks with setting
  leave_body_unchanged = no" (Mon, 05 Apr 2021 15:57:51 +0000):

Hi John,

> Did you verify the extra newlines are in the stored message file?

Yes, the additional line breaks are in the db files, it is not a font problem
of the MUA or similar. I am joining the relevant db files as tar.gz.

> Any other thoughts on my last update?

Not really. 

Since I seem to be the only one hitting that problem probability is
high that the issue is related to my local installation. Since I am well served
with my current (and anyway preferred) settings I think it is adequate to
postpone this issue and to not invest too much energy from your side on it until
someone else hits the problem or I can give more input. Big thanks goes to you
for the effort already done!

> Have a great day.

To you as well!

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