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Date 2022-07-17.01:42:00
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The moinmoin theme we use replicates the roundup theme/layout used on:

I made some changes in the 2.2.0 Roundup release to make the
theme work better on mobile and pass some basic accessibility checks (aXe devtools, ARC 

  * stack the left hand menu above the content at a 960 px breakpoint. This is all done
    with css. It does not insert javascript to create a menu button to open the menu, so
    the menu is shown at all times. This was a quick hack to improve google's assessment
    for mobile.
  * changed css to keep content inside viewport by making code blocks scroll on
    overflow and allow long links and other connected words to break on any word boundary.
  * add a viewport statement to head of page

  * add nav and main landmarks to the html
  * add a skiplink to jump to the main landmark with id="main" also remove focus ring
    added by making the main landmark focusable.
  * contrast improvements for embedded code blocks by changing pygments to use borland
    style and explicitly setting background color for the blocks to lightyellow.

It would be nice to have do something similar.
Some of these require some changes to the emitted HTML, so may or may not be doable.

issue2551056 has some other improvements suggested:

* The icons used are a bit outfashioned as modernized has icons which are better.
* Layout and icons can be improved overall like with the memodump.

The memodump theme is responsive. Not sure how much work would be needed to replicate
a matching look using it is unknown.

This issue replaces 2551056.
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