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Date 2022-11-25.19:48:18
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A ticket to track my attempt to get the application ready for the

They have a couple of issues that need to be addressed.

There are large blocks of text (help text from roundup-admin or that
are considered too large to maintain. A small change in the middle of 80 lines
of text requires a lot of re-reading to identify the change.

Also there are terms in these blocks that should not be translated. E.G.

msgid ""
"Usage: retire designator[,designator]*\n"
"        Retire the node specified by designator.\n"
"        A designator is a classname and a nodeid concatenated,\n"
"        eg. bug1, user10, ...\n"
"        This action indicates that a particular node is not to be retrieved\n"
"        by the list or find commands, and its key value may be re-used.\n"
"        "

the command: 'retire' and the designators:  'bug1', 'user10' should not be translated.


"Usage: templates [trace_search]\n"
"        List templates and their installed directories.\n"
"        With trace_search also list all directories that are\n"
"        searched for templates.\n"
"        "

templates in the command position and trace_search are literals. Also unlike
designator in the first example trace_search is literal not  label and the
help text doesn't have a way to distinguish this.

Plus there are messages that I think shouldn't be translated. Like this prompt:

  msgid "roundup> "

What won't change without a method to set the prompt (although I guess adding a
translation for this would be a method to change the prompt, but that's not
something that should be exposed to a translator).
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