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60 months ago The default search should not crawl on users lu_zero
60 months ago Select menu generation in search template is slower than in item template
60 months ago Need an easier way to add a class to multiline() or field() generated html. rouilj
63 months ago distutils vs. setuptools schlatterbeck
64 months ago Can't post message because of email encoding error tbsmark86
64 months ago Incorrect mail encoding coversion yasusii
66 months ago Consolidate API for extensibility stefan
66 months ago Better search list display rouilj
69 months ago Add support for s/mime signed emails rouilj
72 months ago Atom feeds for issue changes techtonik
72 months ago roundup-admin find should support more than links rouilj
74 months ago Provide next/prev links loewis
77 months ago Skip NODEFAULT web address in email signature wking
87 months ago test requires "CREATE" privilege on Pg tonimueller
96 months ago pop-up descriptions of field names hemmecke
107 months ago Email Template dotpuppy
110 months ago can we have a target version? tonimueller
110 months ago Missing support for radio buttons in ThomasAH
112 months ago Make demo initialization more flexible. stefan
115 months ago Ability to specify non-matching criteria in filters/searches anonymous
115 months ago Full text "AND" search has message scope, not issue scope cknittel
116 months ago calendar styles buggy (left margin) tobias-herp
116 months ago Add 'filter' command to command-line interface stefan
116 months ago Use pygments for syntax highlighting lu_zero
166 months ago selinux errors on python operations chrismacgregor
185 months ago *dbm backends don't lock (only) on commit richard
189 months ago Date format localization idea and some code rouilj
189 months ago hyperlinking issue and other hyperdb references in email rouilj
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